how many angels?

I love the open door
of this day
full of expectation
and no limit yes.
I love this moment of simple stillness
drawing me into the mother’s deep bosom
her constant and total nurturing
I give that to myself now
big sigh into yes.
for this is all I got
like a million zillion angels
dancing on the head of a pin
so happy
I get it now.

3 thoughts on “how many angels?

  1. Topaz

    Hi Nicola

    You can create a book from your Posts it is free with Createspace and they sell it on Amazon it is a bit challenging but with the pics to people would love it. Best Seller?????

  2. Ron

    I have a collection of John Muir writings and find that I can go back to read them again and again. This quote could apply to all wild and natural places, and describes to me a depth of the transcendental experience.

    “A thousand Yellowstone wonders are calling, Look up and down and round about you! And a multitude of still, small voices may be heard directing you to look through all this transient, shifting show of things called “substantial” into the truly substantial world whose forms flesh and wood, rock and water, air and sunshine, only veil and conceal, and to learn that here is heaven and the dwelling place of angels.”


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