Today Love has completely gutted me. Hafiz

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I’ve been going over my songs that I wrote a while back based on the exquisite poetry of Hafiz.

Yep.  Converting them to my ukulele.  Actually I’ve been trying to convert them over for many years as well. As i get more comfortable on the ukulele and more determined I am finding ways.  We’ll see what happens…

Meanwhile, the poetry of Hafiz is so rich and healing for me.  I’m sharing this with you today.


This is the first poem I ever heard of his, that made me go out and get the whole book, the Gift,

where all the ‘Hafiz songs’ I wrote emerged from.


Today love has completely gutted me

I am lying in the market like a fillet fish

Speechless, every desire, every sinew,  absolutely silent

But I am still so fresh

Everything is now the same to me…Listen

The touch of a beautiful woman as she lifts me near

Drawing my scent into her body

as she thinks about taking me home

The soft caress of a luminescent fly

Drinking my vital fluids through as strange-shaped flute

The sun lays its radiant gaze upon my cheek

Human voices and the breeze from a passing horses tail

All send miraculous currents through my world

God’s beauty has split me open

Throw hafiz on a scale, wrap me in cloth

and take me home.


Be well,

Be better than well.




2 thoughts on “Today Love has completely gutted me. Hafiz

  1. Barbara Watts

    Tears r healing prayers n the want of being who I am leads me forward…yet I forget the breath..I forget the lite..I forget my purpose…n I confess to u…n read again Hafiz. ..thnk u,my friend


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