Growing Pains

Whats one thing you could do today?Are you comfortable? Things kinda OK? My friend and Screenshot 2014-03-24 11.46.25mentor Jody Clegg just informed me that there is no success in the comfort zone. You get comfy, you get fat and lazy and then you die (he didn’t say that, I just made it up).

Start noticing the things you get inspired to do but stop yourself. I know alot of times, I wake up in the morning, totally inspired to call this person, do this or that, and as the day wanes on, I loose my initial oomph. So lately, I’ve been taking notes on my morning inspiration and committing to follow through with at least one of them.

I remember when my son was about 12 years old he grew almost a foot in a year (yes, he is tall–6’5’). He had actual growing pains. His bones ached.

Well, you want to grow? Are you ready for big changes? Maybe, just maybe, it’s worth it to feel the discomfort.

Notice your edges. Notice you inspirations. Notice you discomfort. Whats one thing you could do today to push that edge?

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