good day.

IMG_6675It is a good day.
the sun is bright.
my breathing is full.
my body is happy
the trees are standing so tall against the sky.
there’s the usual bustling about.
there’s that comfort in sameness.
what else is good?
I’m looking for the good and finding it all around.
That makes me feel good.
and you?
What good can you find, just lying around,
waiting for you to see?

4 thoughts on “good day.

  1. Ron

    A good day, a good moment, a full, complete, aware breath can bring me to that.
    And to know that tomorrow and or the next and the next,
    will once again bring the cool feel of the ocean air in the morning,
    the golden glow of the sun against the mountains at dusk,
    the surprise that happens when a hummingbird makes its presence next to me.
    So much more that is good than not, and when not. It seems to find its way back again.


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