Fabulousness 2015

2014-12-18 15.39.06I appreciate the sky the earth the plants the clouds the trees, oh yes! I appreciate my hands my smile my breath my mind my heart my feet my tummy my eyes my words my body my Dad his life and the gift of his presence i appreciate my presence my learning my love the heater, the day the air i breathe.

I love my life! I love that I can find unconditional joy. I love myself I love this bubbling joy I love my friends, my family, my son, the Possums, my classes, students the oceans the wind…
my intention for this year is to find that unconditional joy, to water it with the light of my attention and open, to cultivate that presence and that being and see the beauty that is all around and within me. That my music and teaching go out into the world and joyfully fill the earth with great light and love and happiness. I commit to my joy. I allow it to unfold in perfect harmony.

hot fudge sundaeAs I wish this for myself

I wish it for all beings.

thank you for this fabulous life! I am fabulous and you are fabulous. i let that in. I breathe in fabulousness. I breathe it in and allow it to fill this year.

and so it is.

2 thoughts on “Fabulousness 2015

  1. sedona

    Dear Nicola,
    Your postings always touch my heart, and inspire me to keep looking everywhere, in this present moment, to bear witness to all the beauty and goodness in the world, to re-member that ‘we’re all in this together’, and to smile in appreciation that you are a such a Potent Poetess/ Priestess/ Possum extraordinaire.
    Thank you for the joy, gratitude and delight that brightens my day whenever i read your postings.
    Thank you for helping me to see more clearly, look more closely, love more deeply, and find a bit of peace even when my daily headaches seem overwhelmingly unbearable.
    Keep ’em coming… and stay warm! Santa Barbara misses you!
    Love and blessings,
    Sedona Vigliotta


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