Dance On

Dancers in Central Park
Those of you who know me, you know I love dance.
Contact improv to be precise.

Last night at dance tribe, I had my usual epiphany about how utterly cosmic and metaphoric movement is for me. When I move into dance I easily get into the zone. It is an art I’ve been blessed with since I was a little child.

I was an extremely sensitive little girl, I imagine most kids are. But when all hell broke loose in my childhood house in Marblehead Massachusetts, I remember how I would retreat to my room and move; Just move and move and then move some more. Yes, this was when I was very small. Where did I learn this from? I have no idea. It was just what I did. Later I would light a candle and dance in the dark. It becaume a profound anchor in my life, utterly healing for me. It would bring me to my core, again and again.

This morning in meditation I had an inspiration. Why not try melting my two loves together? Transformation and movement? My coaching practice is already body-centered, but I mean making movement the primary vehicle for exploration? I do that for myself on a regular basis, perhaps it could work for others as well.

So Here’s an offer. The first 5 people that respond, I will offer a free session/exploration of my new idea. Probably take about a half-hour. Could be powerful, might be wacky, if you are up for it, let me know below. We can do it live or on Skype. I don’t know how many people read these posts, but if more than five people respond, I’ll put you on a waiting list–wait and see if I wanna do more!

Dance on.

One thought on “Dance On

  1. Indigo

    Hi Nicola,

    I just found your blog today after searching for Hafiz poems and coming across your beautiful song, And For No Reason, on youtube. Thanks for making and sharing that song – it’s so beautiful. I love the idea using movement as a means of transformation. It’s something I’ve been interested in getting into because I really love dancing and feel that it could bring in more clarity and connection. Let me know if the offer is still up – I live on the east coast, so it would have to be over Skype…



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