Dad Update

Update on Dad. He is well. I am calling and he is now answering the phone. Before, he couldn’t figure out how to use the new-fangled thang and it was rather difficult to reach him– I guess that was part of the reason for going out there, there were a lot of loose little ends flying in the wind; and of course some big ones too. I am managing parts of his life from across the country. He has lunches delivered, thank you angels.  He has help coming in for a few hours a day. Lots of doctors appointments and friends helping.  It is not ideal, but it is working for now.

2014-06-05 15.21.37I started my songwriting class last week.  There were 6 people there.  Three of the six had lost their dad in the past month. OMG. One person’s dad died a year ago. The other two had lost their dads many years ago.  Crazy. I was the only one with a farther.

It gave me a sense of preciousness with my own father, but also really feeling into the way of this world, life and death.  Everyone has their journey. Everyone has their stories, everyone experiences death.  And everyone has a very unique and personal relation with this experience.

My intention is to consciously move through life and death with love, humor and grace.  Sometimes I success wildly.  Other times, no so much.  I’m working on it.

So be it.

Be well, be whole, be love.

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