Crazy RAndom uNique

We are all love, we are all light.  Sometimes you see through the facade and see this, know it deep down. You see the connection and the web of life, our intertwining sacred dance.

On the other side of this, do you see the gift of your uniqueness?  2013-02-08 06.59.22

So often in songwriting class, since there are all levels of students, someone says, “do I have to go after THAT ?” (meaning that last person was so good, and I am so bad). Over and over again, we need the reminder, our uniqueness is just that, unique. Special. A treasure.

So often we think, I am flawed, I am a misfit. Aint it funny how pretty much EVERYBODY feels like a misfit? What is ‘normal’ anyhow? Is that the goal? To fit in? Perhaps we already fit, like a huge jigsaw puzzle.

I am a cloud lover. When I first got my iphone, I would take pictures of clouds, again and again. All so different, so beautiful! Hey, that’s true of every leaf on a tree and that’s true of you and me. OK, I’m rhyming. We fit together in some crazy, random, cosmic way. We all are all one, and at the same time, brilliantly different and unique.

Amen brothers and sister.

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