Cradled against the gray

all the trees are bare
and the sky is gray2014-11-09 15.41.06
I take a walk
on a winters day

I forget that the song is ‘California Calling’
That is true California, I’m calling.

I’m singing that to Dad as he allows me to walk with him
his slow measured step
each one carefully place on an unsteady ground.

the leaves bright and beautiful
have descended en mass the passed few days
as if winter is shouting out, time for the next chapter

There is something magical about a huge oak tree
shedding it’s many leaves in the wind
The slow gentle decent of a leaf and another and another
cradled against the gray

I watch a single leaf as if gently dances in the wind
And I think of a life
so delicate
we come we do this and that
fill the tree
feel the flurry
and then in a final show of bright colored beauty
we blaze

and then
we dance to the ground.

2 thoughts on “Cradled against the gray

  1. sedona

    This reminded so much of the time i spent with my own father as he was in his dying process.
    Cherish those moments, Nicola. You never know which day is going to be the last walk you take together.

    One day everything seems almost ‘normal’; the next day, even a short walk is impossible.
    My heart is with you.



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