Courage to Create

I am celebrating my CD, Courage to Love.
Listening to it again and learning the music (playing this Saturday, yes).

Thanks first and always to Robinson Eikenberry for his merry heart, old soul wisdom and engineering expertise.

Thanks to the profound musicianship of David Piltch, Gabe Witcher, Rebecca TroonAlastair Greene for joining me in the studio.

Thanks for the awesome photos and graphics of Richard Salas and Mark Sherman.

And thanks for all you listeners. I surely would not do all this if you didn’t listen!
Thanks to Vince ChafinSusan Marie Reeves and Sierra Reeves for playing with me this Saturday.
Thanks to Arturo Tello for finally kicking my butt into doing this.
Thanks to me for my dodged persistence and constant ‘musing’.

I’ll be playing this Saturday at 8, Palm Loft Gallery ~ Carpinteria, CA, 401 Palm Ave.

Thank you all for being the wind in my sails. I’m amazed and humbled by the energy it takes, the energy this community has given me, the coagulation of little dots of light into the creation of my CD.

I’m a proud mama.

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