Songwriting For Beginners!

Started Monday, May 8th, 2017, but you can still sign up!! It’s being you wont miss a thing.
This powerful 6-week program is designed to help you write super fun, super catchy tunes, even if you’ve never written one before.

Join us and Discover:

–> How to take your words and turn it into a catchy melody
–> How to structure a #1 hit (This is so, so easy!)
–> How to eliminate any nervous jitters about singing,
so you can sing your songs with confidence!

No prior experience or musical ability required.

You do not need to live in the Santa Barbara area to attend this program. All sessions will be
held virtually in an online classroom. Each session will be recorded and posted inside our private Songwriting For Beginners Facebook Group so you can re-watch or catch any calls you are not able to attend live.
It’s just $47 to sign up.
 Once you register, I’ll send you the call-in details and full program schedule.

See you there!

Some Testimonials:

“My challenge before I took the class, was believing I had the time and talent to write songs at all.  Nicola was so supportive, and made music fun.  She gave me expert input on how to make my songs better. This helped my confidence immensely, and took away my fear. –Kim L.

“Nicola provides a safe nurturing environment to explore writing songs and sharing them in class. I am a beginner and felt very welcomed by everyone. The online platform works really well. Nicola’s assignments and insights have helped me to immediately tap in to my inner resources and express in a coherent way. I’m excited about life and my new relationship with my and other’s music.” –Julie M.  (

Songwriting Alchemy

This class is for songwriters already on the path, online songwriting coaching and nudgings and critiquing.

  • get inspired
  • get writing
  • get singing2015-02-10 18.52.09
  •  a community for accountability
  •  magic happens!

Email me if your ready to dive in.

In the meantime, join our Facebook Group, “Songwriting Success”. It offers inspiration, ideas and tips for the songwriting journey.

Meanwhile,  if you are having trouble getting in gear and want some tips for overcoming writer’s block, here’s a free report.  Just click here fill out your name and email and you will get this valuable information sent right to your email.

Another Testimonial for songwriting class:

“Nicola’s songwriting class was truly fun.  Nicola was enthusiastic and warm, providing lots of information that helped us put our song ideas into song form, as well as creative prods to help us generate ideas in the first place.  Her feedback was consistently on point.  I always agreed that her suggestions would make my song better, or could be used to help create another different song that was also good.   The feedback was delivered in such a good-natured way that I always welcomed it.  I wrote five songs in five weeks of class, and feel well-launched into song-writing as a creative endeavor, after having had to previously ‘wait for inspiration’ that might happen once every five years.” –Leonard C.

Yes To Life

Get aligned

find your joy

clear the crap

and allow more ease and flow in your brilliant life.

Email me if interested.

 Coaching Testimonials:

“…Nicola holds a strong and grounded presence while she facilitates shifts in our own awareness or stuck places. It’s quite amazing that her seemingly lighthearted process can be quite effective, fast and even life changing but that’s Nicola’s magic.”–Connie F.

‘… I would highly recommend Nicola to anyone who seeks a deeper understanding about their relationship to themselves and to others; also to anyone who seeks inner peace, self love and a general road map to enjoy life more fully and happily.”–Carey P.


One thought on “Classes

  1. Rick Worth

    I came into Nicole’s class, as many other do, as (IMO) an experienced songwriter. However I came away from Nicole’s class with new songwriting techniques and perspectives I never employed before. Her feedback is genuine and uplifting to everyone of all skill levels, something I do not get in the solitude of my home studio and not yet performing publicly. It is wonderful to be surrounded by others seeking to improve their presence, be it songwriting, performance, or even self esteem. Self created music and verse is as good as life gets. It will never age, and the moments in your life that manifested into the song are given refuge from time. It simply does not get any better.


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