City Repair

I love connection
I seek people
I am a social animal
I roam whole foods knowing
I might bump into someone to talk to
I confess
I love connection
It’s why I joined Sunburst¬†
It’s why I started the westside Garden Exchange
It’s why I love dance tribe
It’s why I sing with the Honeysuckle Possums
It’s why I teach songwriting
It’s why I did the city repair workshop this weekend.possumsingfun
It blew my mind wide open.
It’s about reclaiming our city streets.
Taking back real community,
the people that actually live around us.
Taking back the crossroads,
the heart of where people can connect,
intersect, relate,
be the social animals we are.
It’s happening big time in Portland,
It’s now coming to Santa Barbara,
we shall see what emerges
Check it out
Be the change you want to see


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