Celebrate Spaciousness

I’ve been giving myself long meditating these past few mornings. The world inside and outside changes. I am so grateful for time in silence. and how it fills me.2014-07-21 19.53.42

I appreciate the new day. I appreciate the softness of the clouds cover. The birds that sing to greet it. the quiet that the early hours hold. I drink that quiet into my body and allow it to relax every muscle and bone, every thought.

And what I’ve noticed is it lingers. I feel that calmness as something I can feel inside; I can go back to through the day.. My body remembers the feeling of this surrender.

Go ahead, try it. a moment. two. Right now. let yourself rest in the silence.
Let today be an experiment in spaciousness.

Can you stop, fill the moment with nothing?

Even a second?

Drink it in.

Celebrate the spaciousness.


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