Don’t know what to give someone for Christmas?  What about some music?  There are currently  4 CDs available and ready to ship to you for gifts or just ’cause.fullsizerender

The latest CD is Courage to Love, original songs on the ukulele.  Uplifting, fun songs. Backed up by David Piltch on bass and Gabe Witcher on fiddle, Alistair Greene on lead guitar, Rebecca Troon on harmonies; true luminaries backing solid songs.

Then there’s 2 cranes fly by it’s a gift take it (yep, that’s the title).  It’s Nicola with her trusty guitar.  Many uplifting,  bright and fun songs (‘More Love’, ‘Om’).  And then some songs with a little edge (well one song in particular: ‘Wide Load’…for adult audiences only…ha!). This CD has bass, lead guitar, keyboard, backup vocals; a full sound.

Chaos Reigns is a tad more rock and roll, well, as close to that as Nicola will ever get. Nicola on guitar, with full band and drum set backing her up.  Also on this CD, Nicola ventured into slide guitar, a whole different universe.

Turning is Nicola’s first CD, created it in 1998, geez, 18 years ago? A musical journey into the life of a single mom, learning to cope and accept herself and the situation on a deeper level; a musical look into the light and shadows of those precious times.

You can hear snippets on CDbaby of all these CDs.  Through the years everybody has their favorites. And, well, Nicola happens to love them all.  Maybe she’s biased, but either way, you get to choose, or get all of them and take the wild ride through time with Nicola!  Join the fun and get some music.

One CD is $20, 2 Cds $35, 3CDs are $45. and all 4 are $50, and there is $5 added per shipment. It will arrive within 5 business days.

Please put your name and mailing address in the appropriate box and then specify exactly which CDs you want in the other box.  They will be sent out ASAP.



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