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you rock.

be the change you want to see
say the words you want to hear
own the truth you want to know
you create your world
you destroy your world
you are the director of your movie
you are the star of your show
your rock, don’t you know?
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p.p.s. you DO rock!!


feel the words come
not just the ordinary
blah blah
but the flash of yes
that lights up your spine
and goes forth raw and real
the words that don’t give a crop
what others might think
that care deeply for tender and broken parts
that heals and holds the knowing
life has brought
the perfect storm of you
let your words pour forth

mud puddle now

its there
all around
the buzz of the creative.
will you stop a momentIMG_5062
and let it in?
breathing helps
but dont even try to do that
just rest into being
being here
watching feeling
touching the ground being
it’s the door in.
no trying
no assignment
no shoulds
no ‘ really ought to’
none of that
sit in the messy mud puddle
of this brilliance
called now.


at the tree tree1
it stands so tall
forever seemingly
so patient and strong,
but that is just its nature.
at the hummingbird
it’s only task to find nectar
it’s marvelous wings
it’s defiance of everything we know
this little bird
of peep and ruby throat
wonder at the blade of grass
one single spire to the sky
resilient and allowing
swaying in the slightest breeze
and wonder
wonder at you and me
we here
hands feet heart head
we breathe forth
into the only moment we have
full of fear and beauty
fun fluster and folly.
might we come to know
gratitude and wonder
as our best friends
along this tender trail we tread.

water be water

the day winds
like a river by
light and darknessScreenshot 2016-09-05 12.00.43
shadows and sun
the hours pass
into roar and huff,
buzz and sweetness
hello day brimming over
fortune and folly
foolery and fluff
the river
it rolls by
voracious and vixen
soft and subtle
let the water be water my friend
let it wind you down stream
inevitable as gravity is
to the god of your choosing.


the wind howls sometimesIMG_6127
sometimes is calm
sometimes it rains
not much lately,
but when it does, the world changes.
even from day to night
the colors shift, our vision tries
we crawl inside or out
the world is constantly shifting and changing.
let us not take for granted
the mysteries that surround us
the shifts in perception that rule our lives
the layers or change and transformation
constantly circulating in our world
and hold the mystery in tender hands
that give life to possible.

light persists

I have come to know
light persists
after the screaming between my ears
the howling of wrongs and rags
has run its ransom
after the seemingly all-devouring storm
has fought and forced
there is a calm
that persists
under it all.
I have come to know this.
I have come to cherish this knowing
light persists.