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dear sweet one

Dear sweet one
Have I told you yet
How precious you are to me?
How your very presence in my life

has burst me into song
flowed rivers of ryhme
Rainbows round every corner

Have I let you in

on the constant mundane sacredness I find
In that soul-stirring yes of your being
Just you being you?

How it brings me to my knees in wonder
under the sun filled blue

Seeing the dance of light
In every sparkling leaf

every reflection?

All In sheer remembrance
of that one drop

my reasonable mind.


feel the words come
not just the ordinary
blah blah
but the flash of yes
that lights up your spine
and goes forth raw and real
the words that don’t give a crop
what others might think
that care deeply for tender and broken parts
that heals and holds the knowing
life has brought
the perfect storm of you
let your words pour forth

allow the awe

Stop.Screenshot 2016-05-04 11.31.09
the mind
the garbage
the judgements
the to do lists
the ‘ought to’s’
the endless chase
the sentence
the dishes
the task at hand
the breath.
sit in that emptiness
and be with your
beautiful breathing body
and allow the awe to rush in.

the dance is on

passing throughIMG_6676
new old new return
turn again
the dance is on
find the flow feel the rhythm
know the ground is with you
know the sky holds you
then succumb to the moment alive
feel the inspiration
follow the yes
know the difference.
be the changing you are
changing into the bigger you.


I am the voice of creation
this is the momentIMG_4942
i now let that moment
spark through me
i feel the heat
i light the fire
i burn away all that does not live within that joy
joy has a name
joy has named as it’s own
the fullness of breath and fire, earth and rain
the great dance of the elemental
i am the creative alive
I am that dance, as are you
and together we amplify possibility
I now celebrate that simple joy of inspiration
moving into and through me.
What brings me joy
is my joy to share with you.