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winter solstice

Winter Solstice has arrived
on timid tender feet
Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 2:44 am PST.
Find your still deep silent spot of being
Let it anchor you for the new year

Today is the day
In fact the next three days
the sun stands still
in the shifting and changing
Be with that stillness.
Come into the quiet place
Rest in the darkness
Surrender to the knowing
you are
at your very core

water be water

the day winds
like a river by
light and darknessScreenshot 2016-09-05 12.00.43
shadows and sun
the hours pass
into roar and huff,
buzz and sweetness
hello day brimming over
fortune and folly
foolery and fluff
the river
it rolls by
voracious and vixen
soft and subtle
let the water be water my friend
let it wind you down stream
inevitable as gravity is
to the god of your choosing.


It’s no secret reflection
blessed or tortured
there’s no barb-wire fence
between the lines of my brow
and the lines of time
you want joy
you know it’s power
it’s not an option to fail
it is an option to choose
and choose again
But a person must
want to see
be willing
to open.
let stillness be
let it seep in
that baseline reality
that sneaky shy one
it’s there when all the rest falls away
they call it love
because they have no other word for it.

falling into love

let us be the love we are.falling leaves
when all the noise falls away

all the stories
the layers and layers of personality
the shame and the guilt,
iet go the fears
all that noise.
let it drop like the falling leaves
slowly gently
gliding to the ground
to rest.
and there we are
just love breathing love.


over and over
waves crash to the shore.Screenshot 2016-05-16 07.33.43
the waters
kiss the dry sands
without ceasing.
so each breath
in each moment
kisses your dry soul alive
again again.
Let it in.
feel the water of life
as it washes over every bit
of your human harried hurry.
let it release all the lies
let it take you back
to you.
to the pure light
to the love you are.
over and over
let the waves kiss
your dry sands alive
without ceasing;
til all that remains
is love.


It’s not too lateScreenshot 2016-04-25 13.10.41
you not too old
too young
too stupid
too smart
too tall too small
too plain too tired too short
you just aint.
throw the excuses out the window
you are brilliantly you.
end of story.
end of all the stories.
beginning of you
brilliantly you possibilities
emerging as we speak

let it

I can do this.
Screenshot 2016-02-05 11.08.15
There’s so many right things to this day.
sunrise, your smile, the birds…
It’s all going quite well
(sometimes in spite of me)
really, it’s ok!
I can relax
worlds turns in perfect harmony
galaxies spin
my day might do that too
if I just let it.