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that one thing

This day
do one thing
that most important thing
that thing that you’ve
been putting off
that one thing
that will bring you closer
to that one big goal
that thrills you.
sheets to the wind
arms to the sky
call that person
write that song
say those words
shave that head
what is it…
What would that be for you right now?

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super moon

let the powers that be
be the power you are.

moon on dark water

moon on dark water

let the peace in.

start now.

let go of the fear,
well at least that one, and this one
and then this next one…

hold yourself accountable
for peace
your own personal peace
and let the new world begin.

super moon your own centripetal force
and allow the power inside
to come forth into being.

Those little thoughts

Those little thoughts
they buzz around
they say this and that to me…
you’re no good
because of this and that
you never…
you always…
you should…
you shouldn’t…
the list is endless.
sometimes I believe them.
sometimes they swarm over me
like mosquitoes on a warm summer eve by the lake in Wisconsin.
sometimes Screenshot 2016-06-02 09.34.23
I catch them,
give them a big ol’ bear hug
and send them on their way
like little children who just needed
to know someone

let it

I can do this.
Screenshot 2016-02-05 11.08.15
There’s so many right things to this day.
sunrise, your smile, the birds…
It’s all going quite well
(sometimes in spite of me)
really, it’s ok!
I can relax
worlds turns in perfect harmony
galaxies spin
my day might do that too
if I just let it.

It’s a good day

What if this day were my day?
What if this day were a good day?2014-03-22 17.10.32
What if this world I see were my world?
What if this world is a really really good world?

What if what appears so foreboding is just fear
What if fear were just trying to protect me?

What if I could breath into fear and love the seed of its good intention-

What if I am safe?
Right now, very safe?
What if?

Right now.
I am safe.
I am held.
I am here
just being me.

What if
This is my day?

This is my day
To smile into
To breath deep
To morph Into the intoxicating newness
Of its awesomeness

City Repair

I love connection
I seek people
I am a social animal
I roam whole foods knowing
I might bump into someone to talk to
I confess
I love connection
It’s why I joined Sunburst 
It’s why I started the westside Garden Exchange
It’s why I love dance tribe
It’s why I sing with the Honeysuckle Possums
It’s why I teach songwriting
It’s why I did the city repair workshop this weekend.possumsingfun
It blew my mind wide open.
It’s about reclaiming our city streets.
Taking back real community,
the people that actually live around us.
Taking back the crossroads,
the heart of where people can connect,
intersect, relate,
be the social animals we are.
It’s happening big time in Portland,
It’s now coming to Santa Barbara,
we shall see what emerges
Check it out
Be the change you want to see