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dear sweet one

Dear sweet one
Have I told you yet
How precious you are to me?
How your very presence in my life

has burst me into song
flowed rivers of ryhme
Rainbows round every corner

Have I let you in

on the constant mundane sacredness I find
In that soul-stirring yes of your being
Just you being you?

How it brings me to my knees in wonder
under the sun filled blue

Seeing the dance of light
In every sparkling leaf

every reflection?

All In sheer remembrance
of that one drop

my reasonable mind.

the joy game

smiling babyWanna up the joy game?

feel a little better just for the heck of it?

Take a breath.

a deep long breath in and out.

Okay, now take another one.

Feel your body relaxing a little?

try it again. and now put a smile on your face.

just try it.

breathe and smile…

repeat as often as you want to feel goodness grow.

This is probably the simplest shift on earth

AND easily the most profound.

3 deep breaths and a smile.

See you there.

the joy pool


Nothing need be done
nothing need be spokenangelcloud
nothing need be given or taken
I wish the highest expression
i wish that for you
I wish that for me
i wish that we each find our own little spring of comfort
that trickles down from the pool of joy
I wish that we constantly live that for and with each other
re-ignite the truth of who we are this moment alive
a big smiling yes, to breathe, to love,
to deeper appreciation
of this unfolding and unknown moment we step into
and if ever I forget
i hope you can gently remind me
about the joy pool
a loving caress of angel wings


IMG_5490sitting in the stillness between two worlds
This I sing for your future
may you know the sky as your constant companion
may the earth dance you
may the joy sneak up on you in random moments
may the awe of this moment
and then the next
penetrate your every fiber
may you let that stillness between two worlds
that empty place
full you to overflowing
good bye 2015
hello 2016


I am the voice of creation
this is the momentIMG_4942
i now let that moment
spark through me
i feel the heat
i light the fire
i burn away all that does not live within that joy
joy has a name
joy has named as it’s own
the fullness of breath and fire, earth and rain
the great dance of the elemental
i am the creative alive
I am that dance, as are you
and together we amplify possibility
I now celebrate that simple joy of inspiration
moving into and through me.
What brings me joy
is my joy to share with you.

little joy moments

I love the sky. Screenshot 2015-09-12 23.34.57
I love the clouds.
I love that I can love.
I love that I can start my morning
with love.
I want to feel the joy of love;

make it a habit to dwell there through my day
I want I find the joy in little moments and curious places
I want to remember even when it doesn’t appear spontaneously that that joy is always there.
I want to grow in my comfort of being in that love and joy.

Yes, this is a good day
A good life
A good moment
To fill my little joy cup.