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how many angels?

I love the open door
of this day
full of expectation
and no limit yes.
I love this moment of simple stillness
drawing me into the mother’s deep bosom
her constant and total nurturing
I give that to myself now
big sigh into yes.
for this is all I got
like a million zillion angels
dancing on the head of a pin
so happy
I get it now.

we are

our heart beats2015-02-27 09.18.17
it beats and beats
we breathe
and then again we breathe
all the while
gravity pull us down
deeply down.

it is law
that binds bone to earth
something beyond mind
something bigger and wider than words
move us in the world.

spaceship to mars
rockets tot he moon
we come back
we come back
we come back we do
the earth draws us into
her silent soil
our hearts, our breath
our feet to the earth
the gravity of alive
we are.
healing and holy
we are
just because
we are.

green green

I see green everywheretreeup
green green green grows the grass
the leaves, the trees
even the thoughts I think
sprout forth new today

happy day Saint Patty
whoever you are

whatever you did
I celebrate the green you celebrate
alive I am so thankful
newly sprouting again, again
savoring the blossoms of impending spring
and it’s impending joyfilled bursting

beauty everywhere

beauty 2 birds in everywhere
in the sky, the birds,
this tree
the earth
the mailbox
the person i meet, the next
the words you say
the words you dont say
beauty all around
in the stillness
in the roar of cars
in the screeching and sliding
as the train rolls by
in the way the branches
are swaying in the wind
in the way sunlight
plays across the page

City Repair

I love connection
I seek people
I am a social animal
I roam whole foods knowing
I might bump into someone to talk to
I confess
I love connection
It’s why I joined Sunburst 
It’s why I started the westside Garden Exchange
It’s why I love dance tribe
It’s why I sing with the Honeysuckle Possums
It’s why I teach songwriting
It’s why I did the city repair workshop this weekend.possumsingfun
It blew my mind wide open.
It’s about reclaiming our city streets.
Taking back real community,
the people that actually live around us.
Taking back the crossroads,
the heart of where people can connect,
intersect, relate,
be the social animals we are.
It’s happening big time in Portland,
It’s now coming to Santa Barbara,
we shall see what emerges
Check it out
Be the change you want to see