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how many angels?

I love the open door
of this day
full of expectation
and no limit yes.
I love this moment of simple stillness
drawing me into the mother’s deep bosom
her constant and total nurturing
I give that to myself now
big sigh into yes.
for this is all I got
like a million zillion angels
dancing on the head of a pin
so happy
I get it now.

winter solstice

Winter Solstice has arrived
on timid tender feet
Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 2:44 am PST.
Find your still deep silent spot of being
Let it anchor you for the new year

Today is the day
In fact the next three days
the sun stands still
in the shifting and changing
Be with that stillness.
Come into the quiet place
Rest in the darkness
Surrender to the knowing
you are
at your very core

breathe a little deeper

Each time I remembersuncloud
I will
breathe a little deeper
stand a little taller
smile a little broader
love myself a little huger
and allow that love to cascade to you
my friend
the world
whatever the heck I lay my eyes on
For I have this sneaking feeling
the universe
is there
waiting for me
at each
to laugh with the profound glory
I am we are it is.

a thimbleful of tender glory

when you know, you know.
worlds seamlessly spin
in perfect graceScreenshot 2016-02-05 11.08.15
and perhaps just for this one moment
you feel it
magnificence in motion
we’ve all felt it
we all crave it
we all become that
when we step aside from all our busybody busyness
step into that silent roar of open space
and be.
can you touch that remembrance?
a glimpse?
can you feel it?
that little thimbleful of tender glory?

i am mother

I am motherScreenshot 2016-04-08 08.02.19
I hold you
l rock you gently in my arms
do you feel me?

as each new day turns to night
like the ebb and flow of tears
as the ocean rolls
as the seasons turn
rest in my arms
and I will hold you tight
in my love
hold you through it all
knowing the beauty that you are

tell me your joy your sorrow
your trials and trembling
and I will hold you tight
in my love

holding the truth
that is sometimes hard for you to hold yourself
your gentleness and ferocity
your dark and light places

I will hold you tight
in my love
hold you through it all
knowing the beauty that you are

the joy pool


Nothing need be done
nothing need be spokenangelcloud
nothing need be given or taken
I wish the highest expression
i wish that for you
I wish that for me
i wish that we each find our own little spring of comfort
that trickles down from the pool of joy
I wish that we constantly live that for and with each other
re-ignite the truth of who we are this moment alive
a big smiling yes, to breathe, to love,
to deeper appreciation
of this unfolding and unknown moment we step into
and if ever I forget
i hope you can gently remind me
about the joy pool
a loving caress of angel wings


IMG_5490sitting in the stillness between two worlds
This I sing for your future
may you know the sky as your constant companion
may the earth dance you
may the joy sneak up on you in random moments
may the awe of this moment
and then the next
penetrate your every fiber
may you let that stillness between two worlds
that empty place
full you to overflowing
good bye 2015
hello 2016

breath and bone

wind across the waterIMG_2215
take me home
wind across the holler
take me home
home where i know all is well
where lies the good life, me and you
wind across the water
take me home.
dance the beach electric
sing a song concentric
circle of our lives
as we find our home
inside the crying wind
safe haven from the restless gail
in our little shelter of breath and bone.

beauty everywhere

beauty 2 birds in everywhere
in the sky, the birds,
this tree
the earth
the mailbox
the person i meet, the next
the words you say
the words you dont say
beauty all around
in the stillness
in the roar of cars
in the screeching and sliding
as the train rolls by
in the way the branches
are swaying in the wind
in the way sunlight
plays across the page