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love is on my mind

love is on my mind.

the closeness of love as it intertwines us and circles around us. the love I feel for my friends and family. the love of the earth that wells up and embraces me, the love that pours down from the sky every moment. the love that is so thick we smile to move through these moments on this precious planet whirling through open creative expression.
thank you love.
thank you love.
Everywhere I turn

thank you love.

dead can dance

dancing to the dead
being with the ones parted



to family
hello Dad, Mom
hello cousin Jeff,
Gramma Estelle, Bubby
Grampa Max, Grampa Jake
Gramma Jane
all who went before

to friends
Kenny Edwards, Pat Milikin,
Linda Repucci, Andrew Jackson
now Cinder Jean
so many others

to the animals who have stood by me
my kitty friends Tigger, Lefty
my doggie friends Poncho, Baxter

hello all you who have gone before
I feel your power with me now
as I honor you
love you
I let you be the shining essence that you are now
As we dance a different dance
thank you
thank you
thank you.


If I can just remember to breathe,Screenshot 2015-05-20 15.13.07
to empty my lungs
and then to drink in the exliter of life force-my breath,
if I can do that even once,
twice, three times today, maybe even four,
this day will be a success.
If I can remember how successful I am being me so totally,
this day is a success.
If I can appreciate how I succeed and fail,
how I get up, fall down, get up again,
if I can love myself through the comical nature of my struggle,
I have succeeded.
I do a little happy dance to my success and yours today.
enjoy my friend,

little joy moments

I love the sky. Screenshot 2015-09-12 23.34.57
I love the clouds.
I love that I can love.
I love that I can start my morning
with love.
I want to feel the joy of love;

make it a habit to dwell there through my day
I want I find the joy in little moments and curious places
I want to remember even when it doesn’t appear spontaneously that that joy is always there.
I want to grow in my comfort of being in that love and joy.

Yes, this is a good day
A good life
A good moment
To fill my little joy cup.

the day of the gopher

there’s a bump, then a wiggle in the soil.
I push backScreenshot 2015-09-05 09.31.30
Worms come, one two three four five
what’s going on down there?
gopher no doubt. gopher in the cucumbers,
life happens
there’s no stopping this wild unfolding.
gophers crawl through the earth
and their delight is finding succulent gardens to mess with.
‘they can’t help it, it’s their nature.
today I honor the gopher
I wonder at his or her ways
how am I like a gopher,
tunneling through the dark
in search of succulent gardens?


thankful for my breath, my body, my eyes.
thankful for my ability to think,
thankful for change,
thankful for knowing
that change all there is
thankful for having choices in this world.
thankful for the knowledge of choice.
thankful for the moment right now
to choose thankfulness.
thankful that i have choice
that I have power over whether I see
the beauty in a flower
or everything it is not
thankful that i have choice
thankful for this new day to breathe into
thankfully choosing thankfulness


I love the sunrise

I love the sun rise
I love the color of the light through the curtainsIMG_5062
spreading golden softness across the room
I find love in odd places
a word, a breath, a bottle cap, a smile
I am full of wonder
as the leaves gently greet me from the big oak
in a great gathering of sparkling
The air is full of summer and sizzle
triumphant big yes and yes again
I open to that big yes
I open to this day softly rising
And with this tender whisper of breath
I offer myself into awakening

I love the sky as it darkens to night.

I love my breath.

I love the sky as it darkens to night.IMG_2058

I love walking in the cooling air.

I love finding my love inside me as I watch a small grey cat come and check me out.

I love how breathing makes me feel more alive as I breathe deeper.

I love remembering the simple things that make up a very deep yes in my moments.

I love that I can post and share my love with all of you.