It’s been a challenging week.

here in the east coast, in the button factory of my father’s house.

yep. getting my buttons pushed.
hurting my arm. yep, my left one and i’m left handed.

but hey, this is my day.

I was born today. yes, i claim it as mine.
it’s been mine since the day i was born.


i’m claiming this as my re-birthday.

I’m owning my gratitude, deepening my commitment to owning it.

i so am blessed to be alive
in this beautiful body,
surrounded by the love of an amazing tribe (you).

i have amazing friends, an amazing band, amazing songs, music abounding, dance, amazing classes, an amazing house back in California.

and no matter where i go, this earth that i walk upon is so vibrant and beautiful. I am in awe whenever I come into the sanctuary of a tree, a creek, a blade of grass. Then there’s the wide sky, the changing clouds, the birds and their songs that fill it.

wow, what an amazing place this earth mama.

I am typing this all with one hand, amazed at the adaptability of my body (giving up on the capital letters now…) i cherish and breathe into the connection with great spirit of all, that guides me when i let it in.

I let it in.

I give my self to that unified one now and hold each and every one of you in my heart and inside my breath.

Thankful for the human spirit. thankful of every these rough and raw patches. Thanks with this breath, and thanks with this next one. and another. one step at a time, one breath at a time. thankful for tears. sadness, joy and the passing storms of this day.
man, i’m even thankful for the internet, facebook, iphones, i feel connection even more with their help.
birthing this moment new

with you

thank you for your presence in my life.

what a crazy blessing to be here

now, i rebirth myself again, again

into gratitude.
into this new now

and finding blessings surprising me everywhere.Screenshot 2014-01-16 11.37.33

One thought on “Blessings?

  1. Topaz

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLA – ‘TIS MY BROTHERS BIRTHDAY TODAY TOO I JUST SKYPED HIM IN UK AND FEEL A LITTLE SAD THAT I COULD NOT BE WITH HIM ON HIS 70th. !!! We do make our choices based on the information we have available at the time and on our own evolution I think – so acceptance is not always easy when we come across more information/feelings about our choices of the past. I am Celebrating you today – in all your dimensions – so glad I know you my inspiring friend. ! What happened to your Left Arm I may be able to suggest something homeopathic if you like and if you can access the remedies in that neck of the woods. Button land is not a comfortable place to be because it is our “little” self that gets triggered as you know. Usually doing something “grown up ” can get me back into my power. Cooking/driving/ reading something I like. Hugs Topaz


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