you feel fear roarIMG_7853
full and fierce and fragile
wilt and wobble
wisps and whispers
so compelling devouring
run fight hide all
out beyond those ragged edges
the wide open sky blue
endless calling calling
stretching into bigness beyond
you are
yes you are that too
breathe that alive
go back
hold that fear
cradle it in your hands
love it
rock it gently
with all the big sky you are.

2 thoughts on “blue

  1. Ani ahavah

    Nicola, I just want to let you know how touched I am as each of your writings comes to my inbox. I can’t NOT acknowledge you on this “sky that you are caressing your fear.” It is perfectly at home with my own interdimensional poetry. I have even begun thinking of you and I doing an event with friends – sort of like an autopoietic poetry slam that highlights the infinite and finite grand organic design….maybe with Penelope too. I have not had a launch yet for my book of autopoietic poetry THAT WHICH ARISES. I could publish a book of yours.


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