Arm-wrestling with Reality

Sometimes I try to arm-wrestle life into submission, but I have found the solstice monsterprice is my own peace and sanity. Every action taken in that duality has a reaction, repercussions. You arm wrestle life, it arm-wrestles you back.

Action taken from knowing and grounded being just furthers the energy of grounded being-ness and connection with the universal spirit.

Today I release my need for life to be other than it is. Today I celebrate today.

Today I release any resentment. People are who they are, and that is glorious. I am learning from those who challenge me; I learn so much about who I am. Today I realize there is absolutely nothing to forgive, there is nothing to ‘try to make better’, nothing to wish were different.

I open my arms to you who stand before me

with wonder and ever-evolving love.

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