An Appreciation Party

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This morning I am giving myself an appreciation tantrum; just gushing a bit.

I appreciate me for writing to all you.  I appreciate you for hearing me.  I appreciate myself for all the years I have been songwriting, I appreciate all my songs. I appreciate you for letting me in.  I appreciate that I set a goal to write every day.  I appreciate that I gave myself a break yesterday.  I appreciate myself with all my resistance and persistence. I appreciate you with all your resistance and persistence. I appreciate the light streaming through the window. The crisp coming of spring springing.

I have so much to be grateful for.  I have a beautiful strong body (letting that one in).  I have wonderful home (more on that later), in one of the most beautiful spots on earth, Santa Barbara; I appreciate the love in my family. I am grateful that I still have my 91 year old Dad (go Dad go!).  I have a amazing son that I cherish and adore. I have the most wonderful band mates and band that I am eternally grateful for, all you Honeysuckle Possums. I have wonderful friends which I count all of you in.

I acknowledge that I am part of an amazing time of change and transition.  I so am grateful to be alive and to be a witness and assist in whatever way I can. I appreciate that you chose to be alive and this critical turning of our world and times. I appreciate that you are opening.

I know these times aint easy.  Everything is shifting and changing.

Gratitude, gratitude, it is such sweet elixir for the soul.

So this morning I welcome you in to my appreciation party.  I invite you to courageously shout it to the universe, the beauty you are, and the gifts you’ve been given.  Just gush, about yourself, and your world would you? How do you love yourself? What are you grateful for? Let us all know if you feel so moved.  And if you just want to have a quiet little appreciation party for yourself, or yourself and one other person, let it rip.  There’s no right or wrong way to do this. What ever way you choose, I invite you into the magic of appreciation.

Feel it. Give it to yourself. Share it. It is powerful medicine.

The divine spark in me is winking to the divine spark in you.





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