Acceptance of what is? Really?


What reality are you resisting?
Acceptance is profound. Of everything. always.

OK, getting personal again…Right now I am in the midst of recovering from a break up. Yep me, who thought she had this game all figured out (oh foolish one!)…

I am hashing through what happened, what didn’t, what I wanted, what I didn’t. Every morning I wake up and realize, oh, here I am. I’m flying solo again. Ouch. Yes, this is happening. I am here. Can I accept this? Really let that reality in? aaauuurgggg!

Sometimes yes,
Sometimes no.

Either way, I get it, I’m only hurting myself when I don’t face reality.

And yes, sometimes I choose to resist reality. This shouldn’t have happened!! It’s my fault, it’s his fault! What the f**k??!?!?!? And then, it’s my choice and opportunity to love even my resistance. Interesting, loving myself for hurting myself (or in other words, forgiveness).

Sometimes I choose to empower myself. That feels awesome when I get there. Very good. As I work the muscle of my acceptance I feel it getting stronger and stronger.

I love Byron Katie: “Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You don’t have to like it…it’s just easier if you do.”

Acceptance of self,
acceptance of others.
Acceptance of circumstance.

Acceptance of self. Yes, I did that, yes, I didn’t do that.
I accept.

Acceptance of other. Yes, he/she did that. Yes, he/she didn’t do that.
I accept.

Acceptance of circumstances. yes, this is happening (or happened).
yes, that isn’t happen (or didn’t happen).
I accept.

That doesn’t mean you are at the mercy of it all. O contrare (sp? excuse my french).  It gives you the grounding to sit firmly in the now, the point of power. It gives you the perspective and clarity to make new distinctions and new decisions. Who do you chose to be, do and have now? After having gone through all that, what new awareness do you have?

What’s your current challenge? Are you ready to take it to a new level?  Want some help with this? If so, let me know, I would love to offer you a free strategy session that can give you some tools and perspective to go further, either on your own or with me.



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