accentuated awesomeness.

i didn’t tell you guys, but this week I’m in a NLP intensive here in Rhode Island; fun and fascinating stuff. Neuro-linguisitic Programing. How powerful are the words we use! Well I always knew that, and it’s been fun playing in that world with others.Screenshot 2015-01-06 06.17.11

Remember a few days ago I was writing about the word ‘fabulous’? When I say that word right now, I got a very clear image in my mind; some 1920’s movie start with a long cigarette and kid gloves saying, “faaabulous darling”.  At the training yesterday, one of the leaders said, what would it take to have a magnificent day? Someone said, that’s a really BIG word. When I think of magnificent, an image of a king on a throwing a magnificent party, or my description of a over-the-top ice skating performance at the Olympics that took my breath away. Yeah big.

Both ‘fabulous’ and ‘magnificent’ live in the same general vicinity…different shades of awesome. What happens when you throw them together?  Magnificent fabulousness? Watch these worlds collide. What happens then? something totally new? What do these two words spark in your mind?

Notice how the words you speak affect your own internal representations and moods and how they affect others as you speak. I dare you once again, what simple way could you use your words to weave magic into your life today?  Is there a word that really fills your fountain?  Maybe two that totally trip you into a whole new world?

Have a fabulously magnificent day.

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