trees and sun

Abundance of joy, abundance of money, abundance of time, abundance of love, abundance whatever you want abundance.

They say abundance is a birthright.  I’m slowly getting the depth of this possibility.

We’ve all been trained in this lack mentality.  Our culture is steeped in it.   I got it from my Dad for sure.  Dad grew up during the great depression.  At 4 years old he came over on the boat and ended up in the Bronx.  He helped his mom sew sequins on fancy dresses. His dad sent him off to work on a farm as soon as he was able.  To this day, he prides himself if basically spending no money.  As a dutiful daughter, I followed suit.

Well, Im ready to bust that one open.

I am noticing abundance.

I am blown away by the abundance in nature. Plant an amaranth seed, get 3,000. Every acorn on the oak tree can make a tree.  There’s thousands on the trees when it’s time.  There’s an abundance of stars in the sky, sand on the beach (okay, it sounds cliche, but it’s really pretty profound when you stop to think about it).  I’m noticing all the leaves on the tree, all the people on Facebook, all my friends- it’s everywhere! It’s a down-right abundance deluge!

There’s a well-known adage, that you get what you focus on.   What abundance is already in your life?  Start listing all the ways you DO have it.  Go ahead, try it.  Start counting the clouds in the sky, the leaves, the plants, your friends, start forging those new neuro-pathways in your brain. Start seeing with eyes of wonder and abundance.

Abundance of joy, abundance of money, abundance of time, abundance of love, abundance; whatever the fork you want abundance.  YES!

We are surrounded by abundance at every turn if we just notice.

Is it time? I believe it is time for me, and you and this whole planet to wake up to this.

 It might just save us as a a race. 

Namaste dear one.

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