Thank you!

Hey this is Nicola Gordon here.
I just wanted to thank you for being part of my backstage fan-club. And to return the favor I’m going to do my best to be like your all year round Santa Claus…so you know that whenever you hear from me you’re going to get something cool! Your first day of free music and video downloads should be in your email inbox in around 10 minutes,
in the mean time it would be very cool if you could hit the button below to share this free music coupon with a few of your friends. My fan-base is built on word of mouth and your support is part of the reason I’m able to give so much away for free.
That’s about it for now, can’t wait to get to know you a little better. By the way, if you want the access pass sent to an alternative email address then there is also an option for that too. Again just click the link below to share the love, it should take you about 5 seconds.And while you do that here’s a little tune just for you..

Have a great day!

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