I’m Great.

I am making this moment up. all of it. I take responsibility for my own happiness. it is here 2013-09-26 07.14.37now. not depending on what happens out there. I so get this right now.

How am I doing? I’m great!

For the past few weeks I’ve been caught in the drama of family. forget the details. it’s been a mess. What’s true is people have been asking me how I’m doing I say, ‘oh, i’m surviving’ and then I tell the story, get all worked up, people commiserate, we have a sad party…what’s that crap? Where the thankfulness i continually tell you guys about? well, it’s been out the window.

ok. i’m human.

And What’s true is I got some deep learning going on.



I’m more than fine today, I’m great. I can feel it. I’m great in my bones.

no, nothing changed outside.

There’s still trials and tribulations

being handed to me by the fork lift.
but really, I’m great today.

Deep dodo learning!

amen again.

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