Monthly Archives: October 2017

the magic and the song

Thank you all for coming to the showcase yesterday- it was phenomenal.  Gawd. 18 people, all with their own amazing stories and expressions..we even had a hysterical and historical song moment about a guy’s failed relationship with a cake. Now really, life is NOT boring (thanks Bruce)!  We ended the evening doing a group singing along to honor Tom Petty- singing Free Falling. so cool. We will do this again, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I woke up and wrote 2 songs…I know, pretty crazy., a day in the life of a songwriter. At the bottom I’ll post the facebook live I did of the song- pretty funny–but hey, life is getting real-er and real-er. Glad to share the moments.

That being said, I am starting a new songwriting class in a few weeks locally–and also thinking of starting up another songwriting class online, so no excuses about distance.  It’s only a phone or computer away; using a group conference app- downright cool. The magic happens- in person, online…so, If you are wanting to write but not doing it, stuck in the doldrums, if you want a blast of support/enthusiasm/inspiration, etc, email me back…

Meanwhile, I’m taking off for San Diego next week; doing my coaching mastermind, and participating of this healing experience called IMX. that I told you about before.I want to make sure you got it—I still have free tickets because I’m in the mastermind, so if you are interested, check it out ASAP- it’s comin’ up- here’s the link—yes, it’s worth the trip to San Diego, where ever you are coming from.…/s…/imx-seat-saver-vip-guest/
It will rock your world.

that’s it for Saturday.
Let me know if you wanna get your songwriting groove on.

Have an awesome weekend
blessings always.


p.s. here’s the link to the new song if you care or dare.