15 commitments

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My friends and colleagues Diana Carson Chapman and Jim Dethmer just launched a book that you want to read…even if you are not a leader. It’s call the 15 Commitments. Honestly, I have not read the book yet, it’s coming in the mail, but I honor and support everything about these guys. I have no doubt this book will rock. That being said, here’s a quote from someone who has read it…

“I found the most value in the commitments in my personal life, but they have also been incredibly useful with the team I manage and in my family.
Chapter 6, “Practicing Integrity” is my personal favorite, particularly the discussion of impeccable agreements. It shed light on how I was contributing to frustration in my own life and gave me the tools to eliminate the frustration. Sounds simple and it is, with the clarity of this book.
The insights in this book can be revolutionary in your family, your workplace and your life.”

I’m eagerly awaiting this gem in my mail box. Check it out for yourself: The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, a new paradigm for sustainable success.


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