a little bit of happiness

happiness 2015-02-06 08.11.06
a little bit of happiness
goes a long way

i cultivate the thoughts
that make it wanna stay

like i love you because you’re you
the day is good, the earth is true

little words of kindness
brighten up the day
a little bit of happiness
goes a long way.

–thank you Dalai Lama.


song birthing

belly full of Thursday​
cosy home questions 2015-02-15 09.14.00
of the remote nature of the buddhist brain.
I’m in the middle of writing my song for ‘the
art of happiness’ show next Wednesday

a song winds it’s way
Thank you day for coming alive inside of me
for every cell and every moment joining forces in my now to make
a song
a smile

wallowing in happiness

What brings me happiness?2014-12-18 15.44.44
What brings me down?
Do I have control over that?
sometimes yes,
sometimes no.

These days I’m cultivating the art of wallowing in happiness.

Empowering questions help immensely.
When I find myself wandering off every other oh so often
at some point I remember

ah yes

what aspect of this can I be grateful for?
how could this be serving me?
what needs to happen here?
What would love do?

and then

back to wallowing in happiness.

gentle no

gentle no.
to my worries
gentle no 2015-02-11 06.39.41
to my feelings of less or more than
to the distractions that do not serve me or others
to the things that are not full yes.

and then turn again

gentle yes
to those things that do serve me and others
the feeling of present time equality with others
gentle yes
to a feeling of value and worth for myself and others
to focus on those big yeses in my life.

gently I go

gentle no

gentle yes.

happy love

happy happy love love
happy happy love love
it’s valentine’s day

i love you
i love me
i love the flowers and the great big trees2015-02-06 08.00.54

happy happy love love
happy happy love love

i love me
i love you
I love the blue, blue sea, it’s true

happy happy happy
love love love
happy happy love love
happy love

to you, to me
the flowers the seas, the great big trees
and everyone i sees
happy happy love love love

might you have a rad love day with wildflower abandon

all is well

San Marcos Preserve.
Where you’ll find me many morning
musing with the trees
admiring the green growing grasses
the lupines with their outstretched armssan marcos perserve
the day is good
it’s filled with sunshine

it’s my choice to breathe in that sunshine and let it fill me

and it’s my challenge and intention
to bring that sunshine into each moment
even when the hills are far far away
and my head is wrapped around impossible.

but you hills reside in me
you go with me, you always do.
and when i stop to listen
I hear you whisper in tiny moments…

all is well

blessed wet

rain rain
beautiful rain

blessed wet
cleansing waterrainy
the trees
the gutters
hear the falling
falling falling

rain rain
beautiful rain

blessed wet
cleansing water
the rivers
the sky
my feet sloshing
hear the falling
falling falling

rain rain
beautiful rain

(infuse with your own melody)
(delete and add your own verses as desired)
(oh yes, and do a little rain jig while you’re at it)

little deaths

There’s a beauty in dying.
of letting go the moral coil.
sometimes it feels like the coil is wrapped so tight
too much at stakedyingtree
too much tightness and torque
too fast too this too that

and then there is the letting go
forgiving ourselves
relaxing into what is

we die daily
little deaths of opening.
it’s good to remember the beauty of this