at the tree tree1
it stands so tall
forever seemingly
so patient and strong,
but that is just its nature.
at the hummingbird
it’s only task to find nectar
it’s marvelous wings
it’s defiance of everything we know
this little bird
of peep and ruby throat
wonder at the blade of grass
one single spire to the sky
resilient and allowing
swaying in the slightest breeze
and wonder
wonder at you and me
we here
hands feet heart head
we breathe forth
into the only moment we have
full of fear and beauty
fun fluster and folly.
might we come to know
gratitude and wonder
as our best friends
along this tender trail we tread.


Life goes up and down
in and outtree6
all around
that little monkey mind
flies through the trees
with the greatest of…?
that’s the quality of all we desire
that’s the ultimate destination…
it’s in the noticing
in the loving
in the what the heck, love it anyway-ing
as he flies through the air
laugh out loud surrendering.

into ease.

love is breathing us

We breathe
we breatheangelcloud
we just breathe
and then we breathe
there we go again…

pretty constant til we die.
That’s reality.

sometimes we breathe in love
then breathe it out.

Sometimes we circulate that breath
and feel it fill every pore.
amazed at the feeling.
we ask,
why don’t we breathe love more?

but the reality of it all is
that love is breathing us
each breath
every inch and cell.


you feel fear roarIMG_7853
full and fierce and fragile
wilt and wobble
wisps and whispers
so compelling devouring
run fight hide all
out beyond those ragged edges
the wide open sky blue
endless calling calling
stretching into bigness beyond
you are
yes you are that too
breathe that alive
go back
hold that fear
cradle it in your hands
love it
rock it gently
with all the big sky you are.

water be water

the day winds
like a river by
light and darknessScreenshot 2016-09-05 12.00.43
shadows and sun
the hours pass
into roar and huff,
buzz and sweetness
hello day brimming over
fortune and folly
foolery and fluff
the river
it rolls by
voracious and vixen
soft and subtle
let the water be water my friend
let it wind you down stream
inevitable as gravity is
to the god of your choosing.

love yourself through

it is a winding road, isn’t it?IMG_8099
on track, off track,
happy sad angry rejoicing
I’m learning
I’m learning
even the crappy stuff is vital
slow down
feel the terrain
love yourself through
love yourself through.


the wind howls sometimesIMG_6127
sometimes is calm
sometimes it rains
not much lately,
but when it does, the world changes.
even from day to night
the colors shift, our vision tries
we crawl inside or out
the world is constantly shifting and changing.
let us not take for granted
the mysteries that surround us
the shifts in perception that rule our lives
the layers or change and transformation
constantly circulating in our world
and hold the mystery in tender hands
that give life to possible.


I would love to say life is always easy for me.2014-03-22 17.10.32
But, like everyone on earth, i have my days.
What has changed over the years is my ability to witness myself, notice when i’m triggered, notice when i’m happy, notice when i’m haunted. somehow that makes life more of an exciting journey than a downward spiral of hopelessness.
yeah, i know that one too.
I used to be chronically depressed.
yeah me.
miss rose bud cheery me.
what has also changed is my ability to make choices, different more empowering choice. Specifically about the way I think. Of course that comes organically out of the witnessing…
So that’s where much of my poetry comes from, my journey of choices and noticing.
And that’s what my coaching is about. Sharing the skills I’ve learned along the way and sharing them with you.
I have 3 spots left this week- if you are interested in a totally free experience of radical shift and clarity in your life, no strings attached, please take one of the spots to play with me.
It’s over the phone, takes about 60 minutes…


Look forward to connecting.

we are

our heart beats2015-02-27 09.18.17
it beats and beats
we breathe
and then again we breathe
all the while
gravity pull us down
deeply down.

it is law
that binds bone to earth
something beyond mind
something bigger and wider than words
move us in the world.

spaceship to mars
rockets tot he moon
we come back
we come back
we come back we do
the earth draws us into
her silent soil
our hearts, our breath
our feet to the earth
the gravity of alive
we are.
healing and holy
we are
just because
we are.