I love the sunrise

I love the sun rise
I love the color of the light through the curtainsIMG_5062
spreading golden softness across the room
I find love in odd places
a word, a breath, a bottle cap, a smile
I am full of wonder
as the leaves gently greet me from the big oak
in a great gathering of sparkling
The air is full of summer and sizzle
triumphant big yes and yes again
I open to that big yes
I open to this day softly rising
And with this tender whisper of breath
I offer myself into awakening

I love the sky as it darkens to night.

I love my breath.

I love the sky as it darkens to night.IMG_2058

I love walking in the cooling air.

I love finding my love inside me as I watch a small grey cat come and check me out.

I love how breathing makes me feel more alive as I breathe deeper.

I love remembering the simple things that make up a very deep yes in my moments.

I love that I can post and share my love with all of you.


All good

today I am right where I’m supposed to be.
How do I know?
because I am here.IMG_2051
I breathe in, I breathe out
for even the seemingly unacceptable parts of my life and me.
my finances, yes, I have money!
my body, yes, I have an amazing body!
my relationships,yes,  I have beautiful relationships!
my home, yes, I have an awesome home and spot to dwell!
ahhh, All is well.
Slowly but surely I come to all good.
rain, sun, clouds, heat, cold, all good.
from here I allow my awesome day to unfold
with ease and perfection
even when I dont see it
I know it is true.
All good.

today is full of everything

The day is full of everything2014-04-25 15.18.12
today I commit to letting love be first to occupy me.
loving my toes
love my hair
love the tree i see, and then that one over there.
love the doggies
the kale plants.
ah the flowers!
everywhere I look is an opportunity for love
ok, the pavement
the electrical wire, my computer
my breath
of course
my breath
what do you love today?

wiggle works

Screenshot 2015-07-12 10.40.53Dance.

move the body
free the joy.
there’s a few things
that shift my world easily and to the core. Movement is one of them.
feel the impulse.
set it free.
Break out of the ‘normal’ world
with random acts
of joyful movement outbursts
sprinkled with a little laughter.
What the heck.
This is my wish for the day:
might I wiggle wisely
and encourage a wild wiggle movement
that ripples through to your world.



there’s a cloud over my heart
the fog rolls over the hills
i have breath
i feel it filling my body
the clouds roll by
inside outside
I honor the clouds
i honor my breath2014-06-12 19.01.36
i honor my willingness to remember
my breath
breathing me
again and again.
i take a moment
i connect
with the source of my breath
that mysterious knowing that knows
that fills me and then
cleanses my cells my clouds my body

I have choice

Screenshot 2015-01-12 06.30.23everything changes
I go here, I go there
i do this, i do that
and through it all
there I am


it’s the same me.

I’m sure you’ve heard: you can move the girl out of the country,
but you can’t take the country out of the girl.

so true
about everything.

i am slowing challenging myself to live from the inside out.
such a tricky proposition to accept responsibility for my world;
o so freeing
and then, darn…
so much responsibility

I will take each moment lightly as it comes
and when I am able
hold the light of my own creation
with whatever joy I can muster,

and acknowledge

it is MY world I’m creating here.
I have choice.


fire_starterLet this moment be

full of force and folly
full of silence and despair
full of peace and patience
full of wisdom and nonsense
all the stuff life is.
feel it fill you
feel it dance inside the eternal flame of now.
we are only here this moment.
take that moment.
seize it.
own it as yours.
there is nothing need be done
let this moment be.