Enjoy the stillness

happy solstice all.
Today is the shortest day of the year, did you know?

I went to the Providence Shambala Center to celebrate; meditated with a bunch of very quiet people. then we did walking meditation. then we meditated again. back and forth for 2 hours.
wonderful, trying, wonderful, you know how this kind of thing usually goes.
I feel very full of nothing
and that’s a great thing.2014-11-12 08.19.29

I went to a store afterwards and wished the cashier a happy solstice–he didn’t know what it was.  I felt so happy to inform him of the magnitude of this day!

enjoy the stillness.
a moment, an hour or two, a day
that’s what this time is for
rest your weary bones and be glad.

all is calm

sometimes it’s so moment to moment, this joy thing.

watch a funny video. happy
read a depressing email. sad
take a walk. glad
eat chocolate. double glad
get a bill. not so fun
a snide remark…

my goal today:
find my inner core.
… where the storm can swirl,2014-11-11 07.52.59
but like the eye of a hurricane,
all is calm in the center place.

I am breathing into center.
right now
all is calm.
all is right.
happy hanukkah.


Sun shine on the water.
tears on the pillow2014-11-21 16.16.58
you on my mind
nothing is wrong or right
a fit a blob a bundle of life and love

we crash into the winter darkening.

I now know
the reason for all this pain
is learning
the reason for all this joy
is sharing
the reason for this life
is simple

i breathe into simple
I feel love again.
that’s it for today.
love again.

Thank you Santa Barbara
Thank you Cranston Rhode Island
thank you Dad and all your players

reflection every where

I am learning.

love deeper.

rain. snow. rain.

i can feel my arm’s a little better.

loving my arm.

2014-12-03 14.31.01just breathing. full. slow..
taking in questions slowly like sipping hot tea on this cold wintry day.

I wonder if there is an easier way through all this?
I wonder if i can have a good time right here right now?

another breath.
Why am I so lucky?
What’s good about this?


what can i learn from this?

How is love expanding now?’

opening up to that.
How can i love myself through this moment?

How can I love deeper?

breathing in love,
breathing out tension.
breathing in ease
breahing out worry
breathing in you
breathing out me.


Music. mark erelli bill morrissey charlie rose

I was reminded again last night why I am a musician. I went to ‘stone soup’ a coffee shop here in ri. Mark erelli along with charlie rose (and darn, great base player and now i dont have his name… can anyone help me fill that in?) singing bill morrissey songs (and some of their own). off the charts. my heart is wide-eyed smiling and my soul is roaring.

mark e 2014-12-06 19.34.26

“…let the sun go down on a glass of beer…”
” …in the shadow of a pay phone where the saints are getting bold..”
on and on…

OMG tragic and weepingly beautiful.


How could this be perfect?

Breathing into that question
as world around me feels hostile and unfriendly.

How am I being hostile and unfriendly to myself?
How am I creating this energy?

How can I hold my inner dragon and sparrow at this moment?

Hw could I find safety inside?

How could I love myself even a little speck more?
How could I have compassion for those around me?
I know deep down we are all doing the best we can.
All of us.

How could I hold this other person in love?

How can I release my need to control any of this?

How could I honor my inner dragon and my sparrow right now?

What’s one thought that could take me closer to alignment?
what’s my next action within this alignment?

How is this perfect?

dragons and sparrows

wow i love the love.
what can i say?

thank you all for celebrating with meScreenshot 2014-12-04 21.22.33
for opening up your heart
i feel full and open as i step forward

who knows, I might be breathing fire and spouting scales
filling the sky with dragon wings tomorrow,
or i might sing the sky ecstatic

with a tiny sparrow’s call

either way, know my heart is with you,
love is calling forth steady
eyes, witness to the unfolding of beauty,
however that beauty chooses to be

I come forth
and greet you wide smiling yes
as you meet me
in that precious simple place of being.


It’s been a challenging week.

here in the east coast, in the button factory of my father’s house.

yep. getting my buttons pushed.
hurting my arm. yep, my left one and i’m left handed.

but hey, this is my day.

I was born today. yes, i claim it as mine.
it’s been mine since the day i was born.


i’m claiming this as my re-birthday.

I’m owning my gratitude, deepening my commitment to owning it.

i so am blessed to be alive
in this beautiful body,
surrounded by the love of an amazing tribe (you).

i have amazing friends, an amazing band, amazing songs, music abounding, dance, amazing classes, an amazing house back in California.

and no matter where i go, this earth that i walk upon is so vibrant and beautiful. I am in awe whenever I come into the sanctuary of a tree, a creek, a blade of grass. Then there’s the wide sky, the changing clouds, the birds and their songs that fill it.

wow, what an amazing place this earth mama.

I am typing this all with one hand, amazed at the adaptability of my body (giving up on the capital letters now…) i cherish and breathe into the connection with great spirit of all, that guides me when i let it in.

I let it in.

I give my self to that unified one now and hold each and every one of you in my heart and inside my breath.

Thankful for the human spirit. thankful of every these rough and raw patches. Thanks with this breath, and thanks with this next one. and another. one step at a time, one breath at a time. thankful for tears. sadness, joy and the passing storms of this day.
man, i’m even thankful for the internet, facebook, iphones, i feel connection even more with their help.
birthing this moment new

with you

thank you for your presence in my life.

what a crazy blessing to be here

now, i rebirth myself again, again

into gratitude.
into this new now

and finding blessings surprising me everywhere.Screenshot 2014-01-16 11.37.33