let it

I can do this.
Screenshot 2016-02-05 11.08.15
There’s so many right things to this day.
sunrise, your smile, the birds…
It’s all going quite well
(sometimes in spite of me)
really, it’s ok!
I can relax
worlds turns in perfect harmony
galaxies spin
my day might do that too
if I just let it.

today is the day

today is the day   IMG_6675
perhaps an ordinary day
but today
is a day like none other
new, fresh, full
today I notice
more than ever before
the goodness
the possibilities
the beauty
I notice the goodness
today I open to the goodness
that surrounds me
today I wish you well
and you well
and you well
today I wish me well
today is a day that I choose to fill
with all goodness that is
today i stop and notice
that goodness
inside me, inside you
all around.
today is the day.

the dance is on

passing throughIMG_6676
new old new return
turn again
the dance is on
find the flow feel the rhythm
know the ground is with you
know the sky holds you
then succumb to the moment alive
feel the inspiration
follow the yes
know the difference.
be the changing you are
changing into the bigger you.

poignant possibilities

sometimes i forget
how amazingIMG_6701
how new
how vibrant and full of power
this present moment is
sometimes I get carried away
in the tide of sameness
the current of events
the righteousness of my interpretation
and then
and then
I remember
I am whole
I am alive
I am worthy
and life is full
of potent and poignant possibilities.



IMG_5490sitting in the stillness between two worlds
This I sing for your future
may you know the sky as your constant companion
may the earth dance you
may the joy sneak up on you in random moments
may the awe of this moment
and then the next
penetrate your every fiber
may you let that stillness between two worlds
that empty place
full you to overflowing
good bye 2015
hello 2016

i love me

I love me.
I love how wise I can be.
I love how stupid I can be.IMG_6112
I love how I try things
I love how I fall down
I love how I get up
I love the simple being that I am
I love how I love others
I love how loving who I am opens me up
to a whole world of loving and acceptance
for others brightness and fragilties.
I love me
and I love how this selfish love
allows me the eyes of love
to love you all the more.

the winter solstice

the winter solstice is today,IMG_6127
in about one hour, 8:49pm (PST) to be exact.
may the dark sky be the fertile soil for a new year,
a new way, a newness beyond anything you could even imagine…
may you give that opening into possibility to yourself this moment in time.
Open to the fullness of the void
let it penetrate and dissipate
any doubt or misgivings or unworthiness
that might be lingering in the shadows.
Know this, you were born to shine.
Let it be.


love is on my mind

love is on my mind.

the closeness of love as it intertwines us and circles around us. the love I feel for my friends and family. the love of the earth that wells up and embraces me, the love that pours down from the sky every moment. the love that is so thick we smile to move through these moments on this precious planet whirling through open creative expression.
thank you love.
thank you love.
Everywhere I turn

thank you love.