I have choice

Screenshot 2015-01-12 06.30.23everything changes
I go here, I go there
i do this, i do that
and through it all
there I am


it’s the same me.

I’m sure you’ve heard: you can move the girl out of the country,
but you can’t take the country out of the girl.

so true
about everything.

i am slowing challenging myself to live from the inside out.
such a tricky proposition to accept responsibility for my world;
o so freeing
and then, darn…
so much responsibility

I will take each moment lightly as it comes
and when I am able
hold the light of my own creation
with whatever joy I can muster,

and acknowledge

it is MY world I’m creating here.
I have choice.


fire_starterLet this moment be

full of force and folly
full of silence and despair
full of peace and patience
full of wisdom and nonsense
all the stuff life is.
feel it fill you
feel it dance inside the eternal flame of now.
we are only here this moment.
take that moment.
seize it.
own it as yours.
there is nothing need be done
let this moment be.

sing out loud

I love class.
I love people coming together to openScreenshot 2015-06-23 22.33.28
I love the opening
I love what happens
I love the surpirise and delight that emerges
i feel blessed to be a moving part
in this wheel of creation.
thank you
all who have to the courage to open
to explore
to find their own voice
and sing out loud.


the big mess

is there order?2013-07-04 15.47.59
is there perfect action?
or is it just a big mess?
maybe it’s both.
I let it be what it is
somewhere a million light years from here
perfect order might be revealed
it’s messy.
i open to the messy
smile into the red light, the stop sign
the busy head bumbling
the tight shoudler shoulds
and breathe.


dear self

dear self,2013-07-04 16.14.09
I wish you to honor
the peace that is there inside
to stop long enough
to notice
all is well.
all is well.
the sun rises, the sun sets,
the sun shines, then clouds come,
sometimes it rain…
the earth turns
trees grow
all is well.
nothing need be done
except the cultivation of joy
if that is your wish today
in peace.
the silence within.



i put my hands together

a prayer for the day
to hold all beings with peace.
i find a little spot of peace in me
i let it radiate into every inch of my body

my smile my breath my body
my feet
down into the earth
my hair my ears my eyebrows
up to the sky.

let this day be the day of peace i’ve been thinking might be a good idea.
let this body take on the truth of peace in breath and thought
let my body know it’s sacredness in breath and thought

my feet touching the earth
my smile touching the sky
hello little flowers
hello big enormousness of open sky
i feel you hold me as i hold you