if I could be one thing
let me be happy to be here
no matter the circumstanceScreenshot 2016-05-18 12.39.14
no matter the stories I tell myself.
if I could accomplish one task
let it be
to smile and breathe into
this moment
and feel fully alive…
with the gratitude of one
who knows
how precious this moment is.
And then to remember
and again
and again
till it becomes
more of who I am
than all the distractions and stories
inside and out
Screenshot 2016-05-18 12.39.14Let me swirl into
I am.
the miracle.
the blessing.


over and over
waves crash to the shore.Screenshot 2016-05-16 07.33.43
the waters
kiss the dry sands
without ceasing.
so each breath
in each moment
kisses your dry soul alive
again again.
Let it in.
feel the water of life
as it washes over every bit
of your human harried hurry.
let it release all the lies
let it take you back
to you.
to the pure light
to the love you are.
over and over
let the waves kiss
your dry sands alive
without ceasing;
til all that remains
is love.

thank you

It pours forth
every breath holdsScreenshot 2016-05-11 07.01.27
a new universe
It pours forth
every movement holds
a new possibility
It pours forth
every thought holds
a new opening
the roaring river of my moments
pours forth
rain and sun on bright waters
and all my lips can utter is
a humbled
and ever present
thank you.

fierce love

I know the only true defense I have with you Screenshot 2015-10-21 08.30.22
is to love you all the more
if I can find it inside me.
even in your misaligned blunderings
Can I love you in spite of all the trespasses I react and rail against?
Can I love you spite of all the stories that I weave?
Not to condone,
Not to give in,
not to rebel or resist
just to love.
can I be a deliberate warrior of light
to stand in love?
just as this day greets me this morning
the earth opens her arms
the sun shines on us both
Great mother fill me
great mother surround me
great mother hold me
great mother teach me to love as you do
fiercely and completely.

allow the awe

Stop.Screenshot 2016-05-04 11.31.09
the mind
the garbage
the judgements
the to do lists
the ‘ought to’s’
the endless chase
the sentence
the dishes
the task at hand
the breath.
sit in that emptiness
and be with your
beautiful breathing body
and allow the awe to rush in.

the good that is

thank you for this new day
to learn better how to move arorab
through the world in grace
how to find the love
how to love myself
how to have fun
how to face into who I am now and now
how to love you
how to find the gems along this diamond studded path
so long I have seen the lack
lack of time money love whatever
so long I have acknowledge the shortcomings,
the problems the issues
today I step forward into
the goodness that is, that I am
that you are
that this life is ever evolving into.
today I acknowledge
the good that it.


resting into a smile
of a Saturday morning stillness.big moon
fiddles and gardens and yes
i am called to the simple yes
yes to the next step
that full body yes.
yes to the sun
yes to the song, the garden
the farmers market
to the inspiration
the next yes.
(and no to everything else)
Make room for the yeses
make room for the yeses



tell me divine fool
where does your joydurvish
sparkle like the bright sun
on the waters
of your swirling ocean?
tell me bright one
where does your heart leap
How does your wind call
so strong across the hills?
tell me dear friend
what does your single song
sing so loud so full?
Come holy hell
come high water
come this life so full
let us celebrate

breathe a little deeper

Each time I remembersuncloud
I will
breathe a little deeper
stand a little taller
smile a little broader
love myself a little huger
and allow that love to cascade to you
my friend
the world
whatever the heck I lay my eyes on
For I have this sneaking feeling
the universe
is there
waiting for me
at each
to laugh with the profound glory
I am we are it is.