Musings in mad mustard fields as fall falls

I awake to the day rushing into memustard hills

I wish you love
I wish me love I wish you love
I wish you love again
love and more love

And you and you

and me and me

I wish the further full receiving

the simple circle spinning
that the love I give is so the love I get

I let that seep into every pore of my cellophane soul.


today the crows call loudly from the sky
the clouds roll in and settle in the low places
An owl takes flight as I stepped across the canyon

I am swimming in the fog
like a fish through tepid water
all quiet all stillness

I believe in Sunday
I believe in it
like I believe in all the days of the week,
but even more.
and I believe in this precious, fragile now
even more than that

I return home to that pot on the fencepot on fence
the sage that is flowering for the first time
the bean plant that so timidly gave a bean pod

in celebration of it’s passing

blessings to you and me for our seeing


In the stillness is clear reflection.reflections
In the stillness we can see it: reflections are everywhere around us, every person, every tree, every event…Everything is a reflection.

The stillness hold that secret. In the stillness is the power of seeing and knowing that.

Everything is a reflection.

What projections are you harboring? What could that blame or judgement you hold of others be telling you about you? What could that reflection possibly teach you about yourself today?

Oh my. Argggg. yeow.


Let the stillness in.

Let the ownership begin.

Own the power and beauty of reflection.


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The Beauty Path

This morning I was out running and tried a new form of appreciation… started saying this to leafeverything I laid eyes on, “oh my god, you are the most beautiful — (fill in the blank–tree, squirrel, leaf, etc)”.  It was mind blowing. Really got the idea of the ‘beauty path’ the native american speak of. There is such beauty everywhere.

Then I read something on Facebook about self love…so I tried applying that to myself: I AM the most beautiful Nicola Gordon I know!! so interesting how squeamish I feel doing that.  Does my honoring of my beauty somehow nullify your beauty? No way. It adds to it. 

You ARE the most beautiful— (fill in the blank with your name) you know, Yes?  Yes!

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Letting go.

Birthday hot fudge sundae.

hot fudge sundaefirst one in two years.

yes, he finished most of it. That’s what birthdays are for; to celebrate. See, he doesn’t believe in birthdays, but he does believe in ice cream. Newport Creamery. we used to go there when I was a kid. There were pictures all over the walls of the old stores. This is new England, the land of many memories. Past memories, present time, this is such a profound practice at this juncture of my life. Continue reading

Joy Abundance Gratitude JAG


JAG on.

zig, zag, jig, jog, JAG.

these are my three words for the day.
zig, zag, jig, jog, JAG.

Just letting them in.

Feeling into their presence in my life.

breathing them.


zig, zag, jig, jog, JAG.

join me, would you?
Or, better yet, make your own up.
What will your three words be?
How will you open your new day?
Have it be the golden can opener to a new way.
a crazy stroll into a bright parade.
the wild new dress of your determinationJag on.
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It could be better.

pink treesToday is the raw material for you to mould as you will (I first wrote ‘mold’, I knew something was wrong there!). Do you worry about the outcome? Are you resisting something? Do you find your self fretting about this or that? Of course, that is part of it all.

Well, whenever you do notice yourself in that worry space, here’s a chance to try an experiment, take a different approach.

A worry thought? Oh, my! stop take a breath.  Now say thank you to the worry thought.  Really? Really! ….Thank you for waking me up.

Then ask, ‘I wonder how this situation could turn out better than I even imagined?’ Send love and positive expectation forward into your day and see if the world suddenly seems a little friendlier.


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This Supremely Messy Life

Breathing into this cloud-covered morning2014-02-02 06.57.38, the light streaming through the window, triumphantly proclaiming yet another new day.

Honoring my fear and my excitement about my own steps to take this day, coaching, connections, new programs, laundry, gardens, old songs, new song, classes. Holding my Dad and his challenges, getting the front rail put in, getting ready to travel…
…oh and there’s more…

Continue reading