Where’s truth?

Body comfortable, flowers
no judgement.
full participation.
mutual support.
no extra.
no force.
firmness and gentleness.
no hurry-no pause.
single moment, single activity.*

Say it three times very slowing every morning you wake and again before bed.
It will cure anything and everything. Yep says the fool skipping merrily along the edges of the world.

I love how truth is everywhere I turn, if I’m willing to look.
*These are the 10 Breema tenants. Breema is amazing.
The tenant are beyond amazing. .Thank you Andi Gibb!

Yes, and…

I took an comedy improv class about a year ago from  the amazing Gregory Dodds. One of the ‘rules’ for comedy improv is to always say ‘yes’, and then you add onto whatever presents itself (instead of no, not that!). That inherently keeps the energy flowing and building…it really works when your being wacky and wild and on the edge.sunsetwindow

I suddenly remembered that that concept today on the improv dance floor. Just say yes…

yes, and…

wow, what an amazing shift.  When something happens, just go with it and find the new expression that is trying to come forth.  It’s about not having any preconcieved idea about the right way to do it.  Being totally present and feeling into the present next step.

And then I realized that is true of life. Jeez.

Can I say ‘yes’ to what life is presenting me right now? ‘yes, and…’?
Instead of resisting what shows up?

Even when I think I know the way?

Even when I’m so sure I’m sure?

Present moment, stepping into my new now. Now.

I’m Great.

I am making this moment up. all of it. I take responsibility for my own happiness. it is here 2013-09-26 07.14.37now. not depending on what happens out there. I so get this right now.

How am I doing? I’m great!

For the past few weeks I’ve been caught in the drama of family. forget the details. it’s been a mess. What’s true is people have been asking me how I’m doing I say, ‘oh, i’m surviving’ and then I tell the story, get all worked up, people commiserate, we have a sad party…what’s that crap? Where the thankfulness i continually tell you guys about? well, it’s been out the window.

ok. i’m human.

And What’s true is I got some deep learning going on.



I’m more than fine today, I’m great. I can feel it. I’m great in my bones.

no, nothing changed outside.

There’s still trials and tribulations

being handed to me by the fork lift.
but really, I’m great today.

Deep dodo learning!

amen again.

Love Mama

2014-10-04 07.26.25Mama earth I love you.

Thank you for the bounty you give me daily.
the beauty you fill my eyes with,
you’re gentle breeze that blows my hair
the rains that pour down life giving water

the sky the sun the trees.
I have been taking you for granted.
Taking for granted your consistent love and pouring.

Now I stop.
I acknowledge this:
You are the ground I stand on.

Thank you.

Thank you for all you give me so freely.
And now, I now with extreme love extraction
I give back
my love
my gratitude
to you.

The Open Road

Oakland bound
The hills lie softly against a blue canvas sky

open road

open road

Beats blast on pandora
Valley oaks leaf and lean against the drought
Wheels roar the road for hours

on a new black spankin’ asphalt ribbon.

Were going as fast as a westfalia is able

Let the music play into the north head wind

Ok I want to be Sting and rock the world
don’t stand so close to me

Hills vineyards intersections and cruise control demons

The day moves forward one mile at a time.

Joy stumbling along

Saturday is farmers market day.
Today the day the streets are different, pink cloud
the flow of traffic shifts with people’s fancy.

Today, I fancy joy.
I’m going to wiggle my way into that world
in spite of advertising, moon signs and headlines,
my fears and flounder

your fears and roaring

What’s the story I tell myself?
Today is the day
The world opens
and joy comes rushing in
Round every corner
In every cloud every dried leaf
Every new face old face
fast pace slow pace

it aint all that fancy
it’s just joy stumbling along grinning


Life IS good.
God made running for me to settle down and in.

The ocean was wild last night.
The waves leave their morning mark on the dwindling sands.
as my feet leave prints along the edge2013-11-23 07.21.29

my head was wild last night
the full moon was loud
And now this day sun is breaking through louder still.

I pray for strength
as I chant to the mindless sky


This is not happening to me
It is this happening for me.

This is not happening to me
It is this happening for me.


the cowardly lion does a little dance


The Oak Tree

gratitude for the canyon. the big oak tree. the morning sky. gratitude. for my body and my 2014-10-04 07.26.10mind. for the light drifting over the wall. for these words and this way to speak to you. Gratitude for you just for your being. gratitude for the mama ocean, the sand the waves, the big sky that keeps her company. gratitude for the living things that surround me and bring beauty and life to the world. we are all connected. gratitude to feel you. to feel the plants the ocean. to feel the connection. gratitude. such gratitude.