the wind howls sometimesIMG_6127
sometimes is calm
sometimes it rains
not much lately,
but when it does, the world changes.
even from day to night
the colors shift, our vision tries
we crawl inside or out
the world is constantly shifting and changing.
let us not take for granted
the mysteries that surround us
the shifts in perception that rule our lives
the layers or change and transformation
constantly circulating in our world
and hold the mystery in tender hands
that give life to possible.


I would love to say life is always easy for me.2014-03-22 17.10.32
But, like everyone on earth, i have my days.
What has changed over the years is my ability to witness myself, notice when i’m triggered, notice when i’m happy, notice when i’m haunted. somehow that makes life more of an exciting journey than a downward spiral of hopelessness.
yeah, i know that one too.
I used to be chronically depressed.
yeah me.
miss rose bud cheery me.
what has also changed is my ability to make choices, different more empowering choice. Specifically about the way I think. Of course that comes organically out of the witnessing…
So that’s where much of my poetry comes from, my journey of choices and noticing.
And that’s what my coaching is about. Sharing the skills I’ve learned along the way and sharing them with you.
I have 3 spots left this week- if you are interested in a totally free experience of radical shift and clarity in your life, no strings attached, please take one of the spots to play with me.
It’s over the phone, takes about 60 minutes…


Look forward to connecting.

we are

our heart beats2015-02-27 09.18.17
it beats and beats
we breathe
and then again we breathe
all the while
gravity pull us down
deeply down.

it is law
that binds bone to earth
something beyond mind
something bigger and wider than words
move us in the world.

spaceship to mars
rockets tot he moon
we come back
we come back
we come back we do
the earth draws us into
her silent soil
our hearts, our breath
our feet to the earth
the gravity of alive
we are.
healing and holy
we are
just because
we are.

light persists

I have come to know
light persists
after the screaming between my ears
the howling of wrongs and rags
has run its ransom
after the seemingly all-devouring storm
has fought and forced
there is a calm
that persists
under it all.
I have come to know this.
I have come to cherish this knowing
light persists.

good day.

IMG_6675It is a good day.
the sun is bright.
my breathing is full.
my body is happy
the trees are standing so tall against the sky.
there’s the usual bustling about.
there’s that comfort in sameness.
what else is good?
I’m looking for the good and finding it all around.
That makes me feel good.
and you?
What good can you find, just lying around,
waiting for you to see?

love the turnip

big day blessing
whatever comes
bless it
with you love
for your love is everything and everywhere
and figuratively2015-02-06 08.00.54
anyway you slice the turnip
it’s all we got.
love the flower
love the the trash
love the thing to do you don’t really want to do
love the fog
love the sun
love your wacky monkey mind
love the love.
wallow in it
hey just for 3 deep and sonorous breaths
Look around spewing love.

Watch the world brighten accordingly.
the universe.


freedom is a word
that flow easily off our lips.
we crave it deep inside
and when someone says no,
something inside growls.
that wild wolf inside
she knowsScreenshot 2016-07-04 07.29.26
she knows what freedom is
every step is her power
every motion arises from that wild place.
In this ordered world
of rectangles and edges
let us not forget
that wild one
so much deeper in our cellular memory
than traffic lights cell phones memos.
let us not forget
that wild one that we are
give her space to roam,
a chance to howl
this day of freedom.


It’s no secret reflection
blessed or tortured
there’s no barb-wire fence
between the lines of my brow
and the lines of time
you want joy
you know it’s power
it’s not an option to fail
it is an option to choose
and choose again
But a person must
want to see
be willing
to open.
let stillness be
let it seep in
that baseline reality
that sneaky shy one
it’s there when all the rest falls away
they call it love
because they have no other word for it.