little yellow faces

sunset on the sour grass and all is well.
all the little yellow flowers have closed their shining faces to the setting sun.
the sky is filled with golden light.2015-01-24 17.00.40

I love these final hours.

They remind me of the preciousness of now as it slips by so fast.
now and now, and now again.

I feel my breath
I thank you for your presence, your breath meeting mine
your opening and your journey,
whatever that be
And however we dance together

Thank you.

unconditional joy.

This moment is good. this moment I am safe, held and blessed.

I feel lucky to be alive.

I open 2015-01-21 12.58.25to the challenges of this day knowing I am learning each moment how to find a bigger sense of me and my ability to hold my unconditional joy in an authentic way.  What does this authentic, unconditional joy look like? In the face of the unknown, in the face of challenging circumstances, joy is present moment savoring. my breath. my body. my smile. your smile. the colors outside-green green clover, sunshine. the sound of traffic like waves on a distant sea.

We think we ‘know’ a lot. Do we ever? Not really, though some times might feel more solid than others. In these times of shifting and changing I seek the solid sense of my breath again and again. Thank you breath, for breathing me alive this moment.

tiny living big

What’s on my mind?houseintow

I love my tiny home. I’ve been living in it for over 3 years now. It is amazing how little one needs; and how simple life gets within this simplicity.

Yesterday, I went through my drawers, my piles and my general chaos. Going away and coming back, I’ve gathered a little more than I can handle. A tiny space (8’x14′) is fast with the feedback–time to clear out the clutter. Now it is done.

And sweet folks, It’s that time again. Time to find a place for my tiny home. A beautiful, quiet location; surrounded by nature and wonderful people where I can live. It is somewhere in Santa Barbara County, perhaps Santa Barbara, Carpenteria, or Goleta. It is easy to find this place, and it is such a perfect fit… I am feeling into that reality.

Perhaps you happen to know a place like this?

Perhaps you could pass this on to someone you think might know a place as well?

thanks for being a part of my world.

In gratitude…

15 commitments

You want to empower your life and world?

Want a game-changing, shift-making, mind-blowing day?

My friends and colleagues Diana Carson Chapman and Jim Dethmer just launched a book that you want to read…even if you are not a leader. It’s call the 15 Commitments. Honestly, I have not read the book yet, it’s coming in the mail, but I honor and support everything about these guys. I have no doubt this book will rock. That being said, here’s a quote from someone who has read it…

“I found the most value in the commitments in my personal life, but they have also been incredibly useful with the team I manage and in my family.
Chapter 6, “Practicing Integrity” is my personal favorite, particularly the discussion of impeccable agreements. It shed light on how I was contributing to frustration in my own life and gave me the tools to eliminate the frustration. Sounds simple and it is, with the clarity of this book.
The insights in this book can be revolutionary in your family, your workplace and your life.”

I’m eagerly awaiting this gem in my mail box. Check it out for yourself: The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, a new paradigm for sustainable success.


We had a big bunch of people come for songwriting class. I feel so honored to facilitate this creative way. Thanks to all who came, thanks to all who have come in the past, and all who will come in the future. The power of the combined field of possibilities is palpable.

Thank you all who venture forth for allowing the creative unfolding; for taking the chance to be vulnerable and open.

Let the magic begin!arorab

Yes yes and yes.

All forces collide to create beauty and symmetry of exquisite and profound yes.
yes yes and yes.Screenshot 2015-01-12 06.30.23

That being said, remember, the creative universal force works in vibrations.  It doesn’t understand negatives. For example, if you’re  stuck looping on what you don’t want, you think ‘no, no, no, I don’t want X (fill in you’re own personal favorite ‘no’ of the hour), I don’t want X..’, the universe gets, ah, X!  Yep, here it come, X.

Begin today to notice the negatives as they run through your mind; we all have’ em, it’s our guidance system-good thing we have em; just don’t get stuck on them!  Find the no, not that!  Say thank you for this new information and then gently turn your attention to what you do want.

 Turn to face your newly expanded glorious future,

Feel the yes yes yes yes of it.

Get excited, what you want is calling you even stronger now.

What’s your own personal newly-defined yes?

accentuated awesomeness.

i didn’t tell you guys, but this week I’m in a NLP intensive here in Rhode Island; fun and fascinating stuff. Neuro-linguisitic Programing. How powerful are the words we use! Well I always knew that, and it’s been fun playing in that world with others.Screenshot 2015-01-06 06.17.11

Remember a few days ago I was writing about the word ‘fabulous’? When I say that word right now, I got a very clear image in my mind; some 1920’s movie start with a long cigarette and kid gloves saying, “faaabulous darling”.  At the training yesterday, one of the leaders said, what would it take to have a magnificent day? Someone said, that’s a really BIG word. When I think of magnificent, an image of a king on a throwing a magnificent party, or my description of a over-the-top ice skating performance at the Olympics that took my breath away. Yeah big.

Both ‘fabulous’ and ‘magnificent’ live in the same general vicinity…different shades of awesome. What happens when you throw them together?  Magnificent fabulousness? Watch these worlds collide. What happens then? something totally new? What do these two words spark in your mind?

Notice how the words you speak affect your own internal representations and moods and how they affect others as you speak. I dare you once again, what simple way could you use your words to weave magic into your life today?  Is there a word that really fills your fountain?  Maybe two that totally trip you into a whole new world?

Have a fabulously magnificent day.

Fabulousness 2015

2014-12-18 15.39.06I appreciate the sky the earth the plants the clouds the trees, oh yes! I appreciate my hands my smile my breath my mind my heart my feet my tummy my eyes my words my body my Dad his life and the gift of his presence i appreciate my presence my learning my love the heater, the day the air i breathe.

I love my life! I love that I can find unconditional joy. I love myself I love this bubbling joy I love my friends, my family, my son, the Possums, my classes, students the oceans the wind…
my intention for this year is to find that unconditional joy, to water it with the light of my attention and open, to cultivate that presence and that being and see the beauty that is all around and within me. That my music and teaching go out into the world and joyfully fill the earth with great light and love and happiness. I commit to my joy. I allow it to unfold in perfect harmony.

hot fudge sundaeAs I wish this for myself

I wish it for all beings.

thank you for this fabulous life! I am fabulous and you are fabulous. i let that in. I breathe in fabulousness. I breathe it in and allow it to fill this year.

and so it is.

new year thanks

finding a new year approaching I am wondering, what might 2015 bring?

I open and receive it already, even before it’s time. It’s shining on the lake, on the frozen surface and the sunset big. It’s cold here. In one day the lake has covered 3/4s over in ice. It takes so little for big things to happen.

Love to you, bright and sneaky, filling your heart and overflowing to all you meet, and everywhere you go, all you think and do. I wish for you and me to find and remember the love in those tiny places, hold it strong and long.

It is tiny moments that make a big fat year. 2014-11-21 16.10.40
Might this year be full of big fat moments.

Much love
and thanks

thank you
thank you
thank you

it has all brought me here
to hold with you
such love

thank you.

my breath breathing me

I wake slowly
I feel my breath breathing me

I calm my mind just noticing

it is quiet inside
goodness prevails
I can feel its soft rumbling

2014-12-18 15.47.50the world rushes towards the light
I notice the air I breathe is filled with that light
I feel it filling my body ecstatic.

good morning
to you
this day

This is my wish for you

may you plant seeds of joy

may you feel into that joy
water it with the intention of bringing it
into your one and precious moment of