welcome day

oh day feel the power
find the frolic
feel the mysteryScreenshot 2015-10-21 08.30.22
fuel the funny found furry friend fury
of morning come brightly
come fun
come journey
find the vast fondness
autumn’s yearning into winter’s edge
a delicate new found rose petal sweetness opening
to all that could be in a thought of forgiveness
a whisper of kindness
a gesture of newness
sweet the smell of this birthing day
alive and brimming
come day full forced and willing
I dance a little circle
around you
and a big grinning

breath and bone

wind across the waterIMG_2215
take me home
wind across the holler
take me home
home where i know all is well
where lies the good life, me and you
wind across the water
take me home.
dance the beach electric
sing a song concentric
circle of our lives
as we find our home
inside the crying wind
safe haven from the restless gail
in our little shelter of breath and bone.

take the time

If you do nothing else today
take the timeIMG_4688
to love yourself.
for you are the center of your universe
and without that core of love
there is nothing to give to others.

every inch
every breath
every feature
the so-called good the bad the ugly
Don’t listen to what they say or said
don’t build your view
from others criticism or approval
see yourself from the eyes of love

raw and ragged
this moment
and the next
saturate your every cell

and witness your world as it awakens.

beauty everywhere

beauty 2 birds in everywhere
in the sky, the birds,
this tree
the earth
the mailbox
the person i meet, the next
the words you say
the words you dont say
beauty all around
in the stillness
in the roar of cars
in the screeching and sliding
as the train rolls by
in the way the branches
are swaying in the wind
in the way sunlight
plays across the page

dead can dance

dancing to the dead
being with the ones parted



to family
hello Dad, Mom
hello cousin Jeff,
Gramma Estelle, Bubby
Grampa Max, Grampa Jake
Gramma Jane
all who went before

to friends
Kenny Edwards, Pat Milikin,
Linda Repucci, Andrew Jackson
now Cinder Jean
so many others

to the animals who have stood by me
my kitty friends Tigger, Lefty
my doggie friends Poncho, Baxter

hello all you who have gone before
I feel your power with me now
as I honor you
love you
I let you be the shining essence that you are now
As we dance a different dance
thank you
thank you
thank you.

day before the demons

I want to whisper to youIMG_4967
every second of your life
everything is ok
so you remember
everything is ok
right now
it’s true
even the day before the demons
there is a trueness that does not give up on you
or the world
there is an ongoing ok-ness
even when all seems chaos and absurd
you are alive,
right now.
aint that the cat’s pajamas.

the world says other

you are right where you should be.IMG_3911
even if the world says other
even if your mind questions
every step and inch and feeling

How do you know?
be cause you are here.
as Byron Katie says
when you argue with reality you loose,
only 100% the the time.

How can you love where you are
right now…

and then even a little bit more?


Let the world rest
Just for a momentIMG_2094
Pay no heed the great ideas
the fears
the hopes of ever getting it right
The automatic noise of restless banter
And remember

It is enough to just be
Ragged and rowdy
Rumbling along

You are enough
Just as you are
In all your splendid and polished imperfection

As the mist settles across the horizon